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The whole team is dedicated and responsive, easy to work with, and always aims to deliver an unrivalled level of customer service.

Our Glassblowers are highly skilled, and between them have over 200 years of glassblowing experience within the Quartz glass fabrication industry! Our longest-serving glassblowers were originally trained by Haraeus or GE Quartz, whereas our newest glassblowers and apprentice glassblowers have been trained in-house through our program of ongoing skills training and development. Our aim is to ensure that we have a flexible workforce capable of performing a wide range of glassblowing processes, while still being able to specialise in the areas in which they feel most comfortable, or show natural ability.

The customer service team have been selected for their qualifications, experience and helpful manner. Similar to our glassblowers, they are also put through an ongoing program of product training in order to ensure that our first line customer response team can help steer customers toward the right products and appropriate services that we can offer from the very first contact.

Across our whole team, we pride ourselves in our work. “If we say it, we will do it”