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Quartz glass has many unique properties which make it an ideal material for many industries. Its fundamental purity (total impurity levels measured in parts per million) give the material some key application properties:
  • Heat resistance
  • Transmission of UV and IR wavelengths
  • Reactivity

Because of these specific properties, Quartz glass is used across many high-end industrial processes either as consumable parts within production of the final product, or as a component to the product itself.

We supply a wide range of industries such as the semiconductor, optical fibre, analytical, solar, water sterilisation, and lamp industries, as well as smaller-scale University and development laboratories. By fabricating products across a wide range of industries, it enables us to adapt and apply the techniques we learn from one industry to another.

Here are a few of the industries that use Quartz glass, and some of the specific properties that are critical for their applications.