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Many methods exist for analysing the components that form the world we live in. The key to a good analysis technique is to ensure that the item under analysis is the only item that is responding to a trigger, and that this trigger produces a response from the item under analysis, and nothing else. For this reason, Quartz is often used as a carrier for items under analysis, and also regularly for the environment within which the analysis occurs.

The benefits of the inertness of Quartz are highly valued within the analytical market. When applying heat, many different chemicals, or other forms of energy, the Quartz is relatively inert. This means that any response from the items under analysis can be isolated from the world around them, thus providing a reliable method for analysing them. Quartz components for high-precision thermometers, Quartz combustion tubes, Quartz combustion vessels, Quartz carriers, and many other items are used in the analytical field by equipment makers to ensure consistency and reliability of the measurements their tools can achieve.