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An Infra-Red (IR) lamp is able to transfer its energy to other objects with a lower temperature using electromagnetic radiation. By exposing these objects to Infra-Red (IR) wavelengths, it is possible to excite them to a state at which they absorb the energy and are heated. IR lamps are an efficient heating method as they do not heat the air between the objects, and are able to convert almost all of their energy into heat while in the filament. They also have a very fast switch on/off response and do not need time to warm up.

For the best efficiency when developing IR lamps, it’s important to match the transmission wavelength of the lamp to the material that is being heated.

Many Quartz tubes with small bores are used to protect the heating filaments that are threaded through them, and larger Quartz tubes are used to hold heating coils in place. IR lamps can be found in kilns, drying ovens, or each large energy-efficient dryers for high-speed coating processes.