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Quartz is used in a number of different areas within the semiconductor manufacturing process where purity is of the highest order.

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Fibre Optics

An optical fibre is essentially a very long length of extremely high purity Quartz glass rod (hence the name “fibre”), enclosed within a protective wrapper.

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UV exposure at different wavelengths will cause specific atoms to form a strong bond together. This principle is commonly used for curing UV inks on glossy magazines, bonding glues (e.g. ceramics), and sealing compounds.

An Infra-Red (IR) lamp is able to transfer its energy to other objects with a lower temperature using electromagnetic radiation.

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The key to a good analysis technique is to ensure that the item under analysis is the only item that is responding to a trigger, and that this trigger produces a response from the item under analysis, and nothing else.

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Many other applications require the use of Quartz products.

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